About Us

BVA Consulting Group specializes in complex commercial litigation, forensic accounting and business valuation. We work closely with attorneys providing expert services related to economic damages in many types of commercial litigation.  We are experienced in:


Lost Profits

Wrongful Death

Shareholder Disputes

Personal Injury

Copyright Infringement

Royalty Payment

Business Valuation

Professional Malpractice


Product Liability


Our assignments often deal with difficult or unusual circumstances.  We have significant experience in rebutting the reports of other expert witnesses.  BVA Consulting Group‘s services are used to help measure risk and determine value for court matters, arbitration, insurance issues, due diligence, wealth management and negotiations. 


We assess, document, and value damages to businesses, individuals or estates, strengthen or defend litigation actions, and assist with mergers, personal wealth and estate planning, and business analysis. We are clearly focused and pay particular attention to communication. Our two distinct areas of expertise are:


Forensic Accounting. (Applying the science of accounting to legal matters.)

BVA Consulting Group assists in the calculation of economic loss for companies, shareholders, individuals or their dependents, or business damages resulting from fraud, theft, oppression, slander, death, injury, libel or other causes. Our services include investigation and analysis, documentation, reporting and expert witness services. Please refer to our Forensic Accounting section for additional details.


Valuations. We help determine shareholder value, life insurance needs, estate issues, divorce settlements, and other asset values with a documented analysis of the estimated market value of a closely held business. Our services incorporate the value of intangible items such as business and individual goodwill with the fair market value of physical assets.  Please refer to our Valuation section for additional details.







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