BVA Consulting Group specializes in assisting attorneys and their clients in the calculation of economic damages for businesses and individuals.  Economic loss may result from breech of contract, fraud, theft, slander, death, personal injury, libel or other cause. We have extensive experience in investigating, analyzing, documenting, and reporting on these issues.


We place great emphasis on the preparation of straight forward, cogent reports that identify the issues and focus on significant economic factors.  We have provided expert witness services in New Jersey, New York and Federal District Court and we have extensive experience in preparing rebuttals of the reports of other expert witnesses.


Forensic accounting engagements include:

Calculation of economic loss and lost profit

Rebuttal of calculations prepared by others

Investigation of accounting records

Identifying patterns of behavior that establish the rights of a party

Searching for unrecorded income or fraudulent transactions

Lifestyle and equitable distribution analysis


The BVA Consulting Group helps your clients with events that do not have a pre-defined process to follow. If you have a need you do not see listed above, or are unsure if we can help, please call to discuss the opportunity or problem. If we cannot help, we should be able to direct you to other professionals for assistance.





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